AMCU Units

Hetitage  hospital has one of the best Acute Medical Care Units which has been designed after a through study of the best AMCU units in various hospitals across India. Our AMCU unit is well equipped to handle any type of emergency which may arise for our patients.

With a highly systematic approach towards the treatment process and a evolved process of AMCU management, Hetitage  hospitals is able to provide a level of AMCU service which is on par and many times exceeds even the biggest hospitals in India. Our staff have a total commitment towards patient care and are available 24 hours of the day to handle all medical emergencies in a quick and effective manner.

We have equipped our AMCU unit with the following specialized equipment sourced from world leaders in the healthcare segment.

HP Monitors
High quality Pulse Oxymeters
Centralized network monitors to provide information on critical life sign paramaters
Highly sterile environment which is designed with HEPA filters and dust curtains
Unified gas supply system for oxygen and other gases
High quality Siemens Ventilators
Valley Lab Apparatus

A culmination of world class equipment and the best human skill have made our AMCU unit highly sought after by various referal doctors who trust our healthcare treatment standards when compared to any other hospital.

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